What’s the Better Battery for Your Portables—Li-Ion or Li-Poly?

The top 10 battery manufacturing companies in India have opted for lithium chemistry, and they have got an opportunity to choose between the lithium polymer battery and a lithium-ion battery. But the decision to use which type of battery is determined by numerous factors right from lifeline to thermal stability. The lithium-ion and lithium-polymer are both rechargeable and are manufactured in different sizes and shapes. Usually, these batteries are found in different configurations like the cylindrical cell, which are like a small barrel, regular or flat cell or prismatic cell, and flat foil pouches whose size resembles that of a chewing gum pouch. Usually, the portable gadgets consist of either prismatic cells or flat foil pouches. The television remote or any other remotes are supplied energy by the cylindrical cell. The traditional li-ion batteries are the prismatic and cylindrical cells, and the flat pouch cells are generally the li-polymer battery.

Manufacturers Side of Difference Between Li-Ion and Li-Polymer

The manufacturing of the lithium polymer battery and the lithium-ion battery is different in large numbers. In order to produce the lithium-ion battery, the manufacturers require a large amount of tooling and high-priced automated equipment. The industry’s workhorse is the cylindrical cell configuration, as it is widely used in a wide array of applications. The manufacturing of the prismatic cells is made using capital-intensive equipment expenditures. But there are newer and smaller technological advancements in the manufacturing of the prismatic cell battery. Thus, from the manufacturer’s perspective, the cylindrical cells require a very cheap cost of production in contrast to the other types of batteries.

But in the case of the lithium polymer battery, the flat pouch cells are made from less expensive equipment and tooling, and further investment in the battery assembling process is very much affordable. Thus, these types of batteries are sold in the market at a cheaper rate than lithium-ion batteries. With the affordable option of producing lithium polymer batteries, the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers have an option to add a more convenient size design to the battery and make new shapes to fit the newer types of portable gadgets. Furthermore, lithium polymer batteries are designed and developed in odd shapes and can be bent easily. With more advancements being in the lithium polymer battery by the manufacturers, the maximum amount of capacity can be achieved from the battery.

In Between Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Which Is Better?

In the sphere of portable gadgets, users can get immense benefits from the lithium polymer battery. The li-poly batteries are very safe for an individual’s use, and they have the system of benign during discharge and charging. Furthermore, the thermal stability of the lithium polymer batteries is more and efficient than the lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can provide effective performance in low temperatures, and the voltage depression of this battery is very much less in contrast to the lithium-ion battery.

The weight of the lithium polymer batteries is very less and convenient in design. This makes them suitable for portable gadgets as they do not increase the weight of the battery. Similarly, in contrast to the lithium-ion battery, the life cycle of the lithium polymer battery is more, and they last for longer years, which is convenient for an individual as they do not have to worry about whether to replace the battery within a short period of purchasing or not. The portable gadgets markets use the lithium polymer batteries more than its counterpart li-ion as the former has form factor, greater density, consumer security, and flexible assembly into devices.

Thus, the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers prefer lithium polymer batteries rather than the li-ion battery as they cost less and have more features. Thus, while purchasing portable gadgets, one needs to prefer gadgets with a li-poly battery to get more features and stability in battery life.

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