Ways You Charge Are Affecting the Lifespan of Your Lithium-Ion Battery?

Do you know you are unintentionally reducing the lifespan of your smartphone’s lithium-ion battery? Yes, we are talking about that powerhouse that supplies energy to your smartphone to keep it going all day long. How? Well, it is your charging habits to blame exactly. Let me give you a small example- some people leave their phone on charge overnight to ensure they get the full battery percentage when leaving for work. While it will certainly deliver the desired result, repeating it over time will also accelerate the aging process of your Lithium-ion Battery and it is just a mere example. Here in this blog, you will learn charging traits that are damaging and reducing the lifespan of your smartphone battery.

Charging traits one must change ASAP

Below are the typical charging traits that are unintentionally reducing the lifespan of your mobile batteries:

You always wait for the battery to hit the lowest level before charging it

Isn’t obvious, not you and me but everyone tests the limit of their smartphone batteries before charging it. They keep using it until it reaches the level where it has to be begged to get charged or just shut down as there is no more battery to drain. As a user, you must understand that your Lithium-ion Mobile Battery is NOT supposed to get drained and charged then. Doing this will only damage it internally- reducing its overall lifespan.  

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to perform the best between 30 percent to 80 percent so, if hit the 30 percent feel free to charge it.

You often keep your phone case on while charging

Temperature is another indication of battery stress- no doubt your Lithium-ion Cell Phone Battery during the use as you are putting excessive stress on the battery. Removing the case of your smartphone when charging will help it to charge at a comfortable level. Most experts suggest users avoid their batteries at an extreme temperature as it can cause irreversible damage to both battery and the smartphone.

You charge your smartphone anywhere

Similar to the first one, we have a habit of charging our Lithium-ion Cell Phone Battery whenever or wherever we get an opportunity. This certain charging habit can also cause damage to the lithium-ion battery- how? As mentioned earlier- lithium-ion batteries have a certain temperature range it can function properly. Charging your place in a hot temperature or cold temperature can further stress the battery-bringing more damage than good.

You are overcharging every time

Although it is an obvious charging trait, it is worth mentioning here. Most smartphone users usually plug their smartphone into the charger when they go to sleep and remove it after they wake to get a full battery. But the thing is a Lithium-ion Cell Phone Battery gets fully charged within 2 to 3

 hours so, until the user is sleeping for a few hours. Overcharging your phone can raise the temperature to the point it can explode and cause a severe threat to the user’s life.

Charge with whatever fits in the port

The last but not the least mistake people make while charging their smartphone is, they charge with whatever fits the port. Although there are several smartphones with the same charging ports doesn’t mean that all the chargers and smartphones are equally compatible. Some chargers are specially designed to cut off the supply of power once it hits 100 percent.

 To have a long battery life, you have to be careful when it comes to charging your smartphone. Moreover, if you are already experiencing the signs of replacing your lithium-ion battery then, consult with a nearby phone repair shop but if you are looking for more than 50 to 100 units of batteries then, look no further than OEM Mobile Batteries- your one-stop destination to quality batteries. For more information, visit the website.

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