How Does OEM Battery Differ From Non-OEM Battery?

In this 1st decade of the 21st century, we find ourselves bound by our mobile phones. We can easily complete all our work on our mobile phone, irrespective of where we are. This saves a lot of time for an individual. With numerous consumers of smartphones across the country, electronic manufacturers tend to have accommodated this lifestyle with an abundance of devices. 

With the help of a smartphone, we can easily carry the libraries of music while traveling, checking that urgent mail from any place and getting navigation to a place we want to go. But the only factor that causes concern in our mind is the battery charge. Due to the extensive use of smartphones in day-to-day life, the smartphone battery gets damaged, or its battery life and backup percentages diminish with usage. After the battery gets drained quickly or takes slow charging time, we need to replace our mobile phone battery. Consumers have the option to choose from the OEM batteries and the aftermarket batteries. But choosing the OEM batteries from the top mobile battery brands in India seems suitable as you can get effective service.

What Is OEM Battery

OEM means the original equipment manufacturer. It refers to the battery that one gets with their device. The manufacturers customize these batteries to suit the old gadgets as well as the new devices and gadgets. The OEM batteries are usually manufactured by the same manufacturer that manufactures the device itself. Nowadays all mobile batteries are manufactured by using lithium-ion batteries. This compound provides the batteries with a great deal of backup, which is ideal for a day’s use. Any OEM batteries which are manufactured by the same manufacturer will provide the same length of battery backup as other batteries.

What Is Non-OEM Battery

The non-OEM battery refers to the smartphone batteries manufactured by third-party manufacturers apart from the original manufacturer. In this type of battery, the battery’s original engineering is reversed, which makes them less effective.

Difference Between OEM and Non-OEM Batteries

We have already discussed what an OEM battery is and what is a non-OEM battery. Let’s delve deeper into the difference between them. 

The major difference between an OEM battery and a non-OEM battery is the battery quality. In terms of after-sales service and battery backup, the OEM battery provides way more effective results than the non-OEM batteries. One can easily get an OEM battery from top mobile battery brands in India with good battery backup. But it is hard to find a non-OEM battery with good battery backup. But the price of the OEM battery is slightly higher than the non-OEM mobile batteries. However, the OEM batteries for all mobile battery model lists are not easily available in the market. But you can easily get a third-party battery for all mobile battery model list

Similarly, the quality used in manufacturing the OEM mobile batteries is superior to the materials used in the non-OEM mobile batteries’ manufacturing process. Due to the usage of lower quality raw materials, non-OEM mobile batteries can degrade more quickly than OEM batteries. And as a result, one has to replace a battery within a short span. But this will not happen in the case of the OEM batteries are they last longer for several years.

How to Get an OEM Mobile Battery?

As the OEM mobile batteries are installed and manufactured by the original manufacturers themselves so you can get them directly from the manufacturers or supplier 

How to Get a Non-OEM Mobile Battery?

You can easily get a non-OEM mobile battery from any local store or online store. But while purchasing the non-OEM mobile batteries, you need to ensure that you get the battery from a reputable store and get a good after-sales like return in case of damage, etc.

Which One Is Better

The OEM mobile batteries provide efficient results to the users, and they are compatible with all devices from iPhones to Android phones. But the non-OEM mobile batteries may be made available for only specific devices. It is hard to get a third-party battery for the old phone models, whereas OEM batteries are easily available. And even though the cost may be slightly higher than the non-OEM batteries, it is always suitable to use the OEM mobile batteries as one can have prolonged battery life as well as replacement in case of damage.

Thus, based on the above discussion, you can choose the best battery for your smartphone, OEM and non-OEM batteries.

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