Cell Phone Battery Replacement: What Do You Need to Know?

The lifespan of the smartphone depends upon the ways in which one uses their phone. If someone roughly uses their smartphone, then their battery will not last long. Similarly, if someone uses their phone a few times a day, their phone battery might last for a longer time. Apart from the usage type, the battery life span primarily depends upon the charge cycle of the battery provided by the mobile battery manufacturer. Usually, the smartphone consists of a lithium-ion battery, and its charge cycle is 500 charging. After 500th charging, the battery life will start decreasing regardless of the manner in which one uses their smartphone.

Signs That It Is Time to Replace Battery

Drastic Reduction in Battery Life

In order to know whether the battery of an individual needs to be replaced or not is determined the time the battery takes to drain its power. If one notices that there is a drastic reduction in battery life, then it is time to replace the smartphone battery. If someone uses their phone a few hours in a day and still then the phone battery gets drained out before 10 hours, then one should replace the battery.

Random Shut Off

Similarly, another common symptom that shows that it is the time to replace the battery is random shut off. If the smartphone suddenly shuts down at high levels like 40% or 50 %, then it is an indicator that the phone’s battery condition has deteriorated. In the older models of the smartphone, if the phone gets boot started after having a good battery threshold, then it shows that the lithium-ion the battery has started aging and you should get in touch with a mobile battery manufacturer

Moreover, one can also download a battery testing app from the play store with a good rating to know about their battery’s current capacity. These apps show the present condition of the battery; by checking it, one can know whether they have to replace their battery.

Does the Phone Data Gets Deleted During Cell Phone Battery Replacement?

No, the cell phone data will remain as it is during the mobile phone battery replacement. But one should often keep a backup of their data to avoid any kind of damage to the data. Replacing the mobile phone battery only involves the power cell components, whereas the phone’s storage module remains intact.

Replacement Procedure for Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

The replacement procedure for the mobile phone battery replacement was easy for the older phone, which consists of a removable battery option. In those phones, one just has to switch off their device, remove the old battery, and replace it with a new one. 

Still, the replacement procedure is difficult for the newer model of smartphone that comes with a non-removable battery option. If someone wants to replace their battery in the new model’s phone, then they have to get the right tools and follow a detailed DIY procedure to safely remove all the phone parts like screen, motherboard, etc., and remove the battery. But is advisable not to use this procedure at home as one might damage their other phone components in the task of battery replacement. One can carry their phone to the service store of their smartphone brand or to any other mobile repairing shop and ask them to replace their phone battery with the best mobile phone battery from a reputed mobile phone battery manufacturer.

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