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Mobile Phones have become such an integral part of our lives today. We use it for all sorts of things like work, commute, and entertainment of course. Nearly, one and all have a mobile phone and many people have two phones or even more. We are accustomed to constantly be in touch. Anyway, it is frustrating when such mobility suddenly disappears because of such banal reasons like battery failure or discharge.

Everybody can recollect instances when the cell phone battery sat down at the worst possible moment. Also, every phone battery has its own lifetime. Nowadays, get acquainted closer with tips on how to select a battery for your mobile phone.A Smartphone battery (cell phone battery, accumulator) is the main source of electricity for this device.

Some major characteristics of batteries

  1. Battery capacity.

The capacity of a battery is a measure that indicates how much electricity this battery can give for some time. For phones, capacity is measured mAh. The larger capacity of the battery provides longer operation time without recharging. You can use a phone with a powerful battery without being afraid to stay “offline”. The battery capacity must be chosen based on the features of your phone and the intensity of its use.

When your phone makes calls not very often and does not use the media actively – you can buy a battery with standard capacity. But if you have a cool Smartphone and you use it “to the full”, it is better to look at so-called “long life” high-capacity batteries. On average using conditions, the charge level of new phone batteries must be enough for about 3-4 days.

  1. Battery voltage.

Voltage, which the battery supported, is an important indicator for various household tools because it affects an electrical power. For phones, the battery voltage is basically a standard. However, very carefully buyers may be interested to know it.

  1. Battery manufacturer.

As to be sincere, most batteries are made in China, but the quality of them can be quite different. The best way to buy a good new battery is to buy it in the manufacturer of your phone company store or in a special mobile battery store. Also do not forget about the firm guarantee.

Later purchase read this simple advice on how to properly charge and save cell phone battery:

  • Don’t set up or charge the battery if you brought it from freezing street temperatures;
  • Later charging always unplug the phone from the electricity network;
  • Avoid ingress of moisture on the battery;
  • Nickel-Cadmium and NiMH batteries must be charged only after full discharge, lithium-ion (Li-ion), and lithium-polymer batteries can be charged regardless of battery level.

At Amani Mart we are manufacturing all the batteries in observation with the experts of Electronics Industry. All the production is done with the proper observation and we are manufacturing these batteries with taking care of all these factors. After the proper quality checking, we are offering these batteries in the market.

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