About Us

A product by Amani is broadly known as a manufacturer, importer and supplier of Lithium-ion and polymer mobile batteries across pan India, established in 2007. The mobile battery process high capacity and strength that lasts for longer hours than any other battery at one charge. The company has a B to B presence offering raw batteries at a reasonable price to encourage set up the entrepreneur to revolutionizebattery brands in India.

We called as a leader &operates in raw mobile batteries which has the best features, the range of models variety, the original capacity up to 4000 mAHwhereas most Chinese products have the average quality under 1000 mAh. Since brands don’t have their own process to maintain and develop good quality battery so they choose sources of batteries to be used in the mobile phone and it is a good fortune for us to always keep the quality source up for all brands

Our Strength

We contribute to the latest technologies to create the best product in the industry.
No long-tough formalities to get into the company’s norms.
Immediate service of order booking, replacements or new stock bring up to date.
Maintain a healthy and safe buying-selling relationship in a cost-effective manner.
Timely deliverability gives total satisfaction.
Cost-effective price with the quality product.
Certified By Beuro of Indian Standard.

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100% Original Lithium-ion Mobile Battery manufacturer in India.

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